Thursday, January 19, 2012


How very basic - concrete! In the UK we rarely use poured concrete for garden paths and patios. It's all natural stone, paving slabs or more commonly nowadays block paviers. But in the USA, at least here in California, poured concrete is by far the most popular. The sidewalks are poured concrete, as are the kerbstones, all punctuated with expansion joints to allow for the severe summer heat and also for movement during earthquakes which occur with some regularity.   The use of concrete for garden paths is sometimes quite original as some of these examples show.

I'm particularly watching the progress of this project in the last pic as this is work in progress, a garden that is being totally refurbished. I particularly like the way they positioned the rocks and then wound the concrete path between them. Palm Springs is also one of the few places where you can still see screen block walling but in its right context, as part of the mid century modern houses which are so typical here.

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  1. They are superb examples of the use of concrete for hard landscaping in the garden. Not just something that is hidden but used decoratively. I think there is a genuine lack of source of inspiring ideas for the use of concrete in the garden, in a way that it looks good. An avenue to be explored in the future perhaps?