Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome or Warning

Front gardens, gates and the entrances to our houses say a lot about how we welcome visitors to our homes. The following few pictures are all taken locally near where I live in Palm Springs and generally speak for themselves.

Open plan - no walls or gates - welcoming!

A fun gateway depicting a local bird the rather stupid roadrunner or maybe its a peacock!

Another fun gateway with built-in decrepidation - its all painted!
See through gateway - I think its welcoming.
Nice but is this welcoming?

Not roses round the porch but bougainvillea - says privacy to me.
Just one more - not local but a  Chelsea Flower Show garden a couple of year ago - just the front garden for the antisocial introvert - pull up the drawbridge and keep the visitors out!


  1. Some creative and stylish front gardens, particularly fond of the peacock metal gate!

    But the water front garden wins hands down (coming from someone who is naturally drawn to water features)...

  2. We want this water front garden Ian can you get it done before we get back to Palm Springs love it !!!!
    Mark and Keith