Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crossing the Pond

Well folks I'm off to return to the UK where I understand its thankfully warm and dryish.  The garden here in the USA is tucked up for the summer, climbers  pruned, yard vacuumed, feeding complete and irrigation checked and operating!  A brief stopover in San Francisco overnight and then fly back to the UK Thursday so maybe not much from me for a while! But what will I find when I return to the UK? What will have survived and what died? I did plant some spring bulbs before leaving last autumn so hopefully some colour soon!

Bye bye mountains, palms, sunshine and sadly Philip who I won't see for probably five months! (Philip has a job here so is now a permanent resident but annoyingly I am not allowed to stay - but don't start me on the whole minefield of the American law and gay marriage - at least the UK has that sorted or has it?)

Philip - he doesn't always look like this - just a Disney pic from last week!


  1. No reason you can't post gardens from the UK, esp in a few months when the SW is burning up! Enjoy the trip back.

  2. Have a safe journey home and looking forward to your updates here!