Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mud, sweat and trees

Just completed another race today, only 10k but managed to knock 3.5 minutes off my previous time! Took me 58.5 minutes, so achieved my target of completing in under an hour! This was also a trail run - no paved roads, just woodland trails through the beautiful grounds of Clumber Park.  However plants and gardens are never far from my thoughts. As I arrived before the race,  I  drove through the huge main gates to this 3,800 acre parkland and was almost overwhelmed by the grandeur of the avenues of mature lime trees that follow the roads into this estate. We can only appreciate the beauty of such mature trees because someone had the inspiration to plant probably thousands of small saplings, maybe 100 or more years ago. The house was demolished in 1938 so its heyday was presumably the 19C.

Running in these conditions requires keeping on eye on the ground for trip hazards, muddy spots and the odd bramble. Doing so I became aware of the carpets of fresh green leaves loosened by the untimely windy weather. Sycamore, lime, birch and to my delight, what appeared to be red oak (Quercus rubra) - is this planted for forestry purposes? Must come back and see the autumn colour.

After the race, dripping with sweat, clutching my goodie bag and gobbling down a Geo bar (after running I'll eat anything!) I passed the walled garden - so near so tempting! Need to make a visit another day to this lovely old traditional garden that's been brought back to life, complete with double herbaceous borders, trained wall fruits, vegetables and a Victorian range of lean-to greenhouses. The traditional bothy and potting shed alone are worth a visit! Another day!

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  1. Congratulations on achieving your target, not a mean feat! The avenue of lime trees is stunning!