Friday, August 31, 2012

'I do - we did' in the Big Apple

Still in New York  and what a city! Yesterday I visited Brooklyn Botanics and I'll blog about that beautiful garden separately. We are staying on the 31st floor of a small hotel in Manhattan with a view of the Empire State Building. Our friends paid for a posh hotel and got a view of the car  park - win some, lose some! We also visited the 9/11 memorial which was a moving experience. The two pools that mark the position of the twin towers and the surrounding landscape are spectacular in their impact and significance.

Ian and Philip with witnesses, Mark and Keith

However for us the highlight of our visit was our marriage two days ago. Philip and I were Civilly Partnered in the UK nearly seven years ago but it counts for nothing in the USA, hence my exile back to the UK for six months each year. Gay marriage is legal in six states in the USA including New York. Sadly it still won't allow me a full visa until the law changes at a federal level. We didn't do the grey suits, or the flowers and champagne but we both said 'I do!'