Monday, September 17, 2012

Professional hack job - a rant!

I try not to get too annoyed about the landscape in the grounds around our condo but some days the sheer stupidity of the work by  so-called professional landscapers belies logic. Today has been pruning day - yet again! Of course they don't use secateurs but hedge trimmers for everything! My breakfast was interrupted by the shriek of machinery so I should have guessed trouble would follow. What I cannot understand is pruning to remove - yes REMOVE or prevent flowers! It happens all over the place here, lantana, bougainvillea - anything that might have petals that would drop.

Lantanas opposite our gate - 'hedged' up for tidiness regardless of flowers

Bougainvillea - I've never seen them flower in four years - yet they are pruned numerous times each yerar - what a waste of time and energy!
The border outside our gate - I'd love to replant but the landscape is sacrosanct and residents are not allowed to tamper!


  1. Oh dear! I suppose flowering and consequent petals falling on the pavement is just extra work for them, hence trim them before they even get the chance to do so. What a waste of energy indeed, and unsympathetic to the plants.