Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jack Frost on vacation

Those of you living in the UK and in colder parts of the USA may well recognise the significance of the rather bland monochromatic photo below but to those of us in Palm Springs, this is a rare occurrence - yes it's a touch of frost! My morning run today was a very chilly experience despite double layers of everything!

Apologies for talking weather but as a gardener, one has a license for this!  This last week we have had rain, a very windy night and the temperatures have really dropped - yes - lots of weather! Daytimes have barely touched 16C (60F), meaning I have been forced to eat lunch indoors, unless I wear a coat which rather negates the point. Nights have been chilly too and last night it obviously dipped to the point of a frost. This does happen here occasionally, although the last severe frost that really damaged plants was about five years ago and the last real snowfall in 1979.  However we constantly have a reminder of snow with the white caps on the surrounding mountains in winter. Our local aerial tramway would take us from the desert floor to the snow laden pine trees in 15 minutes but snow has no attraction for us!

Just love this picture - such a contrast - apologies if you've seen it before!

One brief update to those of you that patiently follow my rants and ramblings. You may recall my ongoing annoyance at the regular and pointless hedgetrimmer hacking of the bougainvilleas around this complex. Well finally they have been left to grow and surprise - we have some flower at last! Did someone actually read what I wrote and respond or maybe the hedgetrimmers are away for repair? I guess we'll see if freedom lasts for these colourful South American immigrants!


  1. Well I hope their freedom does last, cross fingers!

    The plus temps during daytime makes a huge difference that even some frost in the morning wouldn't matter that much...wish that was the case here..

  2. Amazing when people actually use restraint with maintenance...hope it stays. Frost...we've had several you could see like that lately, but it's dried out again, so freezes without a sign of it...except the poor plants. Enjoy your time there!