Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Moving on swiftly

In case you've noticed, I've been rather quiet this week, although here in the USA life has been less than relaxing! After 4.5 very peaceful years living in our rented condo, we have to move. Our landlord, of venerable years, wishes to sell so its time to go!

From this.................

So there has been a flurry of activity in the Cooke-Daly household as we've searched for a new home. Whilst we cannot sell up in the UK, (visas, gay marriage and all that - don't start me!) we do not have the cash to buy so it's rental again. Palm Springs has no shortage of rental property but being a tourist destination it's mostly short-term.

We've visited a string of properties - mostly useless! There was one beautiful condo that Philip fell in love with  but it had no yard so you can imagine my reaction. Another extensive property, far bigger than we needed, was filled with Indian artifacts - like a museum. Screens jostled with ivory tusks, huge sculpted elephants, enormous chandeliers and a grand piano. There was a yard but overhung with electricity cables. A clear 'No thanks!' Another had been trashed by previous tenants and still smelt of cats and dogs.

Finally we've found a place! What relief. Not only does it have all the space we need but it's unfurnished so we can create our own minimalist style. Note to Philip - we DO need some furniture! And it has a yard! The back yard is a blank canvas with some concrete patio areas and a matrix of loose gravel. The front is partially landscaped and the grounds within the whole development are beautiful. We are currently awaiting approval from the letting agent but it looks as if this will be our new home and my new garden. And I'll be able to tell you all about it as I landscape it. this - the virgin back yard
and the front yard which can no doubt be improved!
And one other bonus is that it's further out of town so bicycle transport becomes a bit stretched for this oldie. Time for a second car and all those plants I can get in the back!


  1. brain is about to explode with all the possibilities! What a fabulous new garden you have...the landlord is letting you have free reign I hope?

  2. Wow, a blank canvass of some sort but what is there is looking good already, even better once you guys work your plant magic into it. Good luck with the move and hope all goes well smoothly!

  3. Its going to be a bit frustrating because whilst we move in during January I have to leave and return to the UK in mid February. I'd love to get some trees and palms planted but with no irrigation, they don't stand a chance. I wonder how much I can persuade Philip to hand water over the summer?

  4. A blank canvas ideal. I actually quite like the front garden although the boulders need rearranging.

  5. Very nice place and potential! Partly makes up for losing what you have developed at your present place, and with that much space (to me), you would have so much fun. Even the front has enough for now, perhaps those boulders buried and a few more additions. Maybe Danger G. can drop by to get her needed sunshine dosage, and help you fill in / care for both areas..... (couldn't resist!)

    Inexpensive drip irrigation from an outdoor faucet, on a cheap timer could work for the main trees / bones plants. And re-grading so trees/palms are in low areas that can catch extra water, even beneficial in your meager winter rains? Just a thought...

  6. Hey - what's up with moving those boulders? You guys ganging up on me?