Sunday, December 16, 2012

Robo Christmas in the desert

If you good reader and gardener, had a huge garden with mature palms, a small lake, swimming pool and tennis court, I wonder how you would treat it? Quite possibly lots of spiky arid planting or maybe some tropical exotics, bougainvillea and so on. But gardens are not the same for all of us and our space outside usually reflects our personal interests. Near to where we currently live, there is a two acre property owned by Kenny Irwin Jr, an internationally known sculptor. You can't miss this plot as his huge colourful sculptures are visible from the end of the road. For the last four years, I have jogged past this garden many times and wanted to see more. Firstly this is what you can see from the road.

First views of Kenny's yard

Robo nativity

Kenny's house is somewhere amongst all this!

Santa's sleigh

The lake and bridge

Finally I have had the opportunity to assuage my curiosity and see it all, as Kenny has opened his garden and sculpture collection for a winter viewing during December. 'Robolights and Beyond' as the exhibition is called, is a fantasy of  sculptured aliens, robots and santas, mostly made of recycled materials welded or fused together and painted brilliant colors. The many sculptures are set in the landscaped grounds, interspersed with huge inflated santas and snowmen. The whole garden  is festooned with thousands, maybe millions of tiny lights which together with the fans for the inflatables, lead to a monthly electricity charge of $12,000. Apparently this Christmas opening used to be a regular event but the neighbours complained (spoilsports!) so there has been a break for a number of years. Apologies for the quality of the next pics taken at night with a strange camera.

New use for shopping trolleys?

Is it art? Is it a garden? You decide!


  1. Speechless.... almost! His art is an acquired taste but it looks fun nevertheless. Is it a garden? It could do with more plants that's for sure but if having outside space to play with is the only criteria then I suppose it is....

  2. You guys are amazing! How do you find time to read and comment on all these blogs AND do all you do in your garden AND find time for a job? Do you ever sleep?

  3. I have been to the RoboChristmas which I found AMAZING and entertaining and stimulating and there must be other words to describe this now annual event to which we take visitors, friends, family..... I especially like the music playing at various places throughout the walk... until this time I had never heard Merry Christmas sung to Hare Krishna.... I must admit I loved it!!!!!