Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Missed it

With all the excitement of moving house, I realise that I have missed the 1st anniversary of this blog? At least there isn't a thwarted partner to take a huff! Whatever, I guess it's worth noting that after twelve months, I am still writing it and you are still reading it, whoever you are.  Statistics show that nearly 24,000 people have visited the blog and just last month the hits passed the 3000 mark - sounds impressive but are you all actually reading this or is it just by chance that google dropped you here, when you really wanted holiday information? Well if you did, Palm Springs is a great place for a winter vacation!

Did any of you read the first one - Germination? Anyway many thanks to my faithful readers and those who comment on what I write. In particular I must mention the tireless two, Mark and Gaz from Alternative Eden who started me on this and almost never fail to leave a comment - thanks guys! Then there's dusty David from The Desert Edge who also responds to my writings - appreciated! And 'Anonymous' Chad who has on many occasions corrected my shaky nomenclature - carry on! Shall I drop in a deliberate mistake to see if he's still reading?

Incidentally if you don't normally comment on blogs please start! We bloggers lead sad, solitary lives and love to get some human response, even if its to disagree with us! If you want to comment on here, you don't have to join, become a follower or recognise any annoying gibberish to prove you are real! Just write a comment!

Over the year there have been 101 posts. When I started this I promised you gardening topics from two climates and I guess I've fulfilled that. I've certainly posted lots of pictures and know that many have been appreciated. Sunny desert landscapes and dripping UK gardens - lots of the latter last summer. I've enthused about the Huntington Garden, The Eden Project, The Van Dusen Botanical GardenThe High Line Park, Will Giles' Exotic Garden and some wonderful small gardens.

My favourite plants have featured; tulips, aroids, Cercis, Agave, Ricinus, Fremontedendron, Euphorbia,  Sinocalycanthus and the oh so unfashionable bedding plants. Although who could really dislike the flower beds at Tatton featured in the Best Butt Award!

I've probably bored you with the occasional accounts of my running - incidentally over a year, I've probably run around 780 miles and got nowhere - isn't that pointless! But I've seen some interesting gardens and plants in passing. We shared with you our wonderful trip on the Queen Mary and our marriage in New York. And despite my barbed comments about my partner Philip, we are still happily together after 17 years, also celebrated last week.

I've certainly had a few rants; bad pruning, noisy machines, poor design and I feel another coming on when I see the tree pruning in this area. The inclusion of some cooking hasn't really happened. My failure to get an audition for 'The Great British Bake Off' and Philip's inability to eat cheesecake every week, rather dampened that. My new passion for watercolour painting took a debut a few weeks ago and maybe you'll hear or rather see more of that in future weeks.

So as we enter the second year, I have to face the return to the UK in chilly February, followed by a busy season judging at Chelsea and several other shows, followed by East Midlands in Bloom in late summer. Tell you all as it happens! My next blog will introduce you to our new home here and my new garden, although landscaping that will have to wait till I get back next October - a fun filled year ahead! Just to whet your curiosity and hope you'll read on, the following  pic is just a corner of the beautiful development we have just moved into - more next time!


  1. Very nice post, even with me mentioned!!! No seriously, some great highlights, and not only do I like your depth of knowledge, like many other hort people I know as I learn from them, but activities like running, etc actually relate. The contrast of Palm Springs and the UK is really good.

    Hoping for many more posts, and that you inspire others in the Coachella Valley or the greater desert SW (12+ million of us in major towns, alone), to blog on gardens and the art/act of gardening. Should be easily another 50+ more in that population.

    Keep it up, please - you can see with that huge readership, that comment numbers not a great indicator. I never knew that!

  2. Happy blogiversary! One of the things I enjoy so much about your blog is the combination of the places you garden. One very much like mine (England and the Pacific Northwest) and the other my fantasy of desert plants. I look forward to following your adventures again this coming year!

  3. Happy anniversary! I really like reading your blog, so look forward to many more anniversaries to come!

  4. Ohhh lots of potential on your new garden, looking forward to seeing what magic you will do it :)

    Happy Blogiversary! Time flies and it was great to see highlights of your first year of blogging. Looking forward to seeing your garden (and non gardening) adventures this year and the following years to come, keep 'em coming!

  5. Happy first year anniversary! I've always loved your blog and I'll continue to be fascinated by it. It's always so lovely and engaging.

  6. I dont often comment, but I think yours is the best gardening blog I've found so far. always a nice read and you are more varied and regular than other bloggers (including myself). so i suppose i should comment more! Dave (AKA fieldfest on HTUK)

  7. One year down, a half century to go.

    I’m still here keeping an eye on your nomenclature [as you request me to do] and marvelling in your travels.

    Sorry I’m ‘Anonymous’ but I don’t think I am any of the other things the drop down menu offers. There isn’t an option for ‘Technophobe with limited digital skills’.


  8. You are a tour de force when it comes to exotic gardening blogging! I don't know how you keep it up. Excellent! YK