Saturday, June 8, 2013

An arty week

Forgive me if I chatter about art on this occasion, although as you may know my current passion is to paint flowers and plants. One of the exciting things about painting is that one can put together whatever plants you want, stretch the imagination with colours and almost anything else you like, although I draw the line at confusing the seasons. I just could not paint dahlias with daffodils! This is my current creation, just finished and hopefully acceptable for the University Summer Exhibition in a few weeks.

'Summer flowers' or anyone ideas for a better title?

This was also the week of the Patchings Art Festival which was a huge surprise with hundreds of people attending this four day event. I had courtesy tickets for this local event as one of my pictures had been selected in a competition for exhibition. Although it didn't win a prize as such, it was thrilling to be one of 140 paintings selected from several thousand for display in the festival gallery! I couldn't resist going to stand nearby and listen to people's comments.

Didn't realise there were so many amateur artists!

My 'Opium Poppies' on display and 'No' - I didn't notice the no photos sign!

Plants and flowers are a huge inspiration for many painters and as part of the festival I watched a demonstration by Ann Blockley, one of the guest artists who thrilled us all with her bold use of colour and brash techniques including washing half the paint off the paper into a bucket before continuing.
Anne Blockley demonstrating (apologies poor internet pic)

Autumn by Ann Blockley

I was also particularly gripped by the work of Vivienne Cawson  who also creates dramatic floral pictures, full of colour and vibrancy. I am hoping I can get into one of her workshops, held near here, before too long.

Anemones by Vivienne Cawson

Mixed hellebores by Vivienne Cawson
So how does painting and horticulture link? Does my past with plants and gardens make me a better painter or does the painting make me a better gardener? Who knows but either way, I enjoy dabbling with a paintbrush as much as my trowel these days.

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