Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fire Island

Sorry if you've got here by mistake and were wanting something geographic about the real Fire Island off Long Island, New York. Anyway to us horticulturalists, the plant is usually more interesting than the place it is named after and in this case its a Hosta! I'm not really a great Hosta lover, preferring to feed the slugs on other plants but whilst judging over the last couple of years, I have repeatedly come across Hosta 'Fire Island' and been taken with it's pure gold foliage and ruby red leaf stems. One of the frustrating aspects of judging is that one is rarely there when the show opens to the public, so unable to buy those plants that have tantalised!

Show plant of 'Fire Island'
I have searched the local garden centres for 'Fire Island' since last summer and never found it, so after once again being tormented by it at the BBC Gardener's World Show, I set about to find a supplier on line. Surprisingly I found several on ebay, one of which offered three plants for £9.99, with free postage. I almost didn't buy, as it seemed too good to be true but I clicked the purchase button with a shrug of my shoulders and crossed it off my 'To Do' list. Within 48 hours the plants arrived - three small but well clothed, chunky plants, probably knocked out of 9cm pots and wrapped in damp newspaper. A couple of weeks later, they are growing on perfectly! The supplier was Cottage Plants Direct and you can go to his ebay Shop by clicking the link - I heartedly recommend!

To give you an idea of the scale, these are now in 12.5cm (5in) pots

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