Thursday, August 15, 2013

Floral Tradition or Olympic Landscape

I guess most of you have at some point seen views across the Mall in London towards Buckingham Palace, the traditional route for  parades and big events. Each year surrounding the Victoria Memorial, the flowers beds are filled with a traditional planting of red geraniums, this year with spiral box, Chlorophytum and blue Salvia farinacea.  Despite having seen this sight on TV many times, I don't think I have ever been in London at the right season to see these beds at close quarters. Visiting the tourist bits with my friend Jim last week, I was able to see these splendid examples of traditional bedding. Nothing sophisticated but just big beds of superbly grown bedding plants, absolutely exuding patriotism and the WOW factor!

By contrast we also visited the Olympic Park to see the area that was supposedly open to the public. How disappointing. Most of the area is one huge building site once again as they prepare the site for its new use. Eventually we found the open section of the North Park,  rather pathetic with little interest and no colour. I had so been wanting to see some of the ambitious planting schemes that had been publicised last year. Although no doubt the area we saw does have wildlife value, there really is little else to commend it. After the colour and drama of the Mall plantings, this was drab. Some paths led nowhere and there was a general feeling of being incomplete. A new children's play area and the Timber Lodge Cafe will probably appeal to families. I was however impressed by the beautifully woven low timber fences to protect the new planting - that's a nice touch. It looks as if I will have to wait till 2014 to really see Olympic Park!

Nice detail!

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  1. That display across the Mall is looking spectacular indeed, and rightfully patriotic!