Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Its a frame up!

At the moment with the garden looking good and summer drawing to an end, I find I am spending more time with a paintbrush in my hand than a trowel! Those of you that have followed my blog or clicked the tabs at the top will have seen some of my earlier watercolours and hopefully I am improving somewhat from the simplistic efforts of two years ago! Over the summer I have attended local watercolour classes and next week I have a two day workshop with Vivienne Cawson who like me, specialises in flower paintings. Anyway I thought I'd take the opportunity of a lull in my gardening inspiration to show you my efforts with paint, brushes and paper. And one of my readers has also said 'too many gardens' so this one is for you, faithful follower!

Hibiscus and Campsis

Summer exotics based on a group of pots outside my patio doors in Nottingham
A rhododendron from a magazine

Lilies - probably 'Stargazer'

Ampelopsis quinquefolia
As you can see, I love colour - I always have done and my gardens reflect this too! Another of the painting successes over the summer has been having two of my pictures accepted for exhibition, one at Patchings Art Centre and one in the University Summer Exhibition. That was thrilling but even more so, both sold! Great to think that someone else likes my art enough to have it on their wall! And yes - these are for sale so do contact me if you are interested and we can discuss a price, framed or unframed.


  1. wow that last one especially looks amazing. do you have pictures of the two that sold?

  2. Thanks for the comment - the two I sold are on-line amongst the watercolours on here - click the Watercolour tab at the top and scroll down to the third pic - Spring Flowers and down to I think 13th, Opium Poppies.