Sunday, October 6, 2013

Goodbye pampas - palms here we come!

Well I'm off on my Transatlantic trip again, ready to spend the winter in my other wonderful home in the USA. The last few days are always a bit hectic with things to do. I've seen my son Sam, his wife and my granddaughter Tessa. When I next see her she will have grown a lot. Had a meal with my other son Tom and his girlfriend Diane. The house has been cleaned and the car valeted ready for its winter storage. I've even cleaned the oven!

The garden is cleared and the tender plants given away. It felt like an act of vandalism cutting down the Ricinus in their full glory on Saturday. They have grown superbly this summer and topped out at 2m+ (7ft ish) but they won't survive the frost. Although I love tender species and annuals, I do have a skeleton of permanent planting, so even after stripping the garden, it doesn't look bad. Even my pot area, which now contains a few shrubs and things that didn't get planted, looks quite presentable!

Back garden from the house

The red and white border
The pot garden
My suitcases are now packed!  Monday I get the train down to Southampton to meet my wonderful partner Philip, who is flying in to Heathrow. I haven't seen him since February, although I hasten to add that we chat on line regularly! Then Tuesday we board the Queen Mary 2 for a wonderful cruise over to New York. Hopefully over the next year life may well become easier for us. With the Supreme High Court throwing out the Defence of Marriage Act, the way is now clear for me to apply for a change in my Visa which will give me greater flexibility in my visits to the USA.  Under UK law, I am Philip's Civil Partner  and in the USA we are married, both sound grounds for him to sponsor me for a Green Card.

So folks, if you follow this blog regularly, apologies if there's a gap whilst we travel. We are due finally in Palm Springs in mid October and I'll tell you all about my travels from the autumnal land of the pampas over to the palm trees and sunshine of California.


  1. Sounds very exciting for many many reasons, top of it is you get to spend some time with your partner again. Enjoy the journey!

  2. I'm pleased to hear of your family visitors.