Sunday, November 3, 2013

Its a weed show!

This blog is unashamedly garnered direct from the local paper here in Palm Springs but I loved the quirkiness of the article, so thought you might like it too! The headline of 'Its just a weed show' continues 'just not that kind'. Cannabis is a big issue here in California where, although technically legal for medicinal purposes, still causes much controversy. But the article is not about pot, hash, grass or whatever!

An early entry from the 1950's
Anyway, the story goes that back in 1940 in the small township of Twentynine Palms, a group of society ladies were having the vapours as there were no fresh flowers available for a flower arranging demonstration. The demonstrator responded that there was no need for florist's flowers with so many beautiful desert weeds and bric-a-brac available. Since that time the local Historical Society has held an annual Weed Show, described as everything between artistic to quirky and off-the-wall! This year's show has over 200 entries all vying for coveted Blue Ribbons (First Prizes)!

The rest of these pictures more recent in the last few years.

For a full gallery of pictures check out the Twentynine Palms Historical Society website. Anyway it gives a new excuse for all those verdant weeds filling your plots! Maybe your neglected, garden may yet be a prize-winner!

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