Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A two mile border!

There are various claims for the longest herbaceous border but a new landscape scheme under construction here, will when completed blow the opposition out of the water at an amazing 1.98 miles! In Palm Springs there is an ongoing move to change  much of the traditional water-guzzling landscape over to the far more appropriate desert landscape. One such scheme is the median (central reservation) that runs through Tahquitz Canyon in Palm Springs. This is a major thoroughfare that runs from the airport up to the centre of town. As such its one of the first sights to great any visitors that fly in. For many years it has been a long ribbon of immaculately maintained green grass, punctuated with Mexican fan palms and spotted with blobs of increasingly pathetic bedding.

First phase, as it was - tribal land
Bedding - no comment!
Phase 2 - city land - still to start.

Finally a new scheme has started to replace this green ribbon with desert landscaping. Much of the land in Palm Springs is owned by the native Americans so $1.9 milllion is being budgeted by the tribe for the first phase, that is currently underway. A further $2 million has been approved from city funds for the second phase. Rock is being used together with areas of natural stone paving. Some curiously shaped timber constructions  that puzzled us, turned out not to be sculptures but form-work for some interesting curved concrete shapes.  Breaking up the linear nature of such a long, flat shape is a huge challenge and it will be fascinating to see how the scheme is completed and particularly when planted.

Nice big rocks - no parking on here!
Great paving  but rather small planting pocket

Curious timber 'sculptures!
The end product - a curved textured concrete wall
Overall a wonderful scheme that will be exciting to see progress but in all this I do feel the city has missed a trick. Nowhere can I find plans or anything more than the scantiest information on this scheme. This is worth shouting about or at the very least some good publicity materials, drawings and plans.

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  1. So far so good, the indication is there already that the finished product will be amazing!