Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Running with an iPhone

Yesterday was a bad day and today even worse but let's start with yesterday! I'm building up to the Mayor's Ten Mile Run in January so set out to run 6 miles yesterday. (And I do hope he's training too!) As my normal run is 5 miles, this was theoretically a piece of cake but I soon realised my legs were not in the mood  but in true British style carried on. Nice morning, chilly but bright, so perfect for running. I became aware that overnight it had obvioulsy been very cold as there were ice patches on the sidewalks in the shade. Seeing the irrigation running on a frosty morning always seems odd! Glancing at the gardens I passed I could already see the tell-tale signs of frost damage - wilting and darkened leaves. Twenty four hours later as I write this, the bougainvilleas in our yard are badly damaged and the local paper had a front page feature on damaged crops. Frost is rare in this area and when it does occur, quite devastating to both landscape plants and the economic crops grown. I guess prices will be up and the choice limited at the Farmer's Market on Saturday!

Anyway - back to the run. the further I went, the worse I felt - just no energy and  I started taking some 'walk breaks'. Then I noticed things that caught my eye and remembering my iPhone, stopped to take some pictures. Now although I've been fairly computer literate for years, phones have always left me in the land of the Neanderthals. Only recently have I discovered what a wonderful piece of kit this is and started installing apps on it. So instead of making a mental note to return with a camera, (which I rarely did) I can now stop and take instant pics for you folks. The pic above is of the garden of an empty house with a boundary of wonderfully neglected bougainvilleas. The irrigation must be still running as everything dies when the water or electricity is disconnected.  I guess the frost will have damaged them but at that point they still looked good. Then I became aware of some wonderful shadow patterns created by the low but intense winter sunshine. Sadly the other sight that caught my eye was a landscape where every tree was hideously pruned, even some pines - every leader and branch tip removed. Why do they do it? What an enormous annual cost!

Why  do people do this to a tree? Makes no sense!

So I finished the run, more of a walk really, spending more time on pictures than on exercise. A day later I am recovering from a rather nasty stomach bug (the less said the better) but at least it explained the reason for my appalling 6 miler!


  1. Hope you're feeling much better now! It still amazes me on the high quality of photo you can take on camera phones nowadays, I suppose I better get used to it.

  2. You've quickly mastered the phone as camera thing, lovely photos. I just can't seem to find the skill needed to do so.