Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flowering meadow?

I'd like to say that last weeks rain resulted in instant lush growth and the colourful meadow in the picture below but it didn't - it was already growing! This is a patch of waste ground next to Albersons, our local supermarket or grocery store. There is some landscaping around the edge of this plot, so presumably some irrigation which allows the growth of some grasses, scrubby bushes and these sheets of gazania. 

Gazanias are natives of South Africa although naturalised in various areas including California where they are regarded as moderately invasive. In temperate climates such as the UK they must be regarded as summer bedding plants and will die with the frost. They are perennials though and named cultivars can be grown from cuttings and overwintered under glass. There are also several starins that can be raised from seed including cultivars such as the 'Daybreak' series which also open their flowers on sunless days that are all too common in the UK!

When I was taking the pictures, there was a couple picking huge bunches of these admittedly tempting flowers. They shouted to me not to take their picture. I replied that gazanias would be useless as a cut flower as they would close up without the sun. They ignored me and carried on picking!

By the way - I haven't forgotten to tell you about the beautiful Garden at the Getty - I'll get to it. This week I have been rather occupied with setting up  a new computer. Any of you who have done that recently will know what a tedious and time-consuming job it is! Many thanks to my partner Philip!

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