Friday, May 16, 2014

An Arty farewell

After a very lovely long winter in Palm Springs, I must reluctantly return to the UK, although I hope this year it's early summer rather than winter when I arrive! Last year's return was in February and I was greeted by late snow, which annoyingly lingered! A lot has happened here this winter and spring, mostly good! I have finally got my Green Card which gives me official status as a resident and spouse of my partner Philip, so I no longer have to disappear in exile at the end of a six month period. I can return to the USA as soon as I want and stay as long as I need. 
Me on the left, Philip on the right

This year I have become quite the amateur artist, taking part in weekly classes and painting with my friend Jim.  I have become a member of the Desert Art Center and the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society. It has been exciting to sell paintings and receive some awards - all very encouraging. Just yesterday, I signed a contract with a new local gallery who will be showing six of my paintings when they open in a few weeks. Pity I won't be here to drink the champagne on opening night!

I messed this up with a dark background but it was nice at this stage!
My latest

Quick and loose!
Entered for painter of the Year Competition last week but the Juror didn't like it and severely criticised - ya boo sucks to her  - I sold it anyway!

Sold this one!

This one got an 'Honorable Mention' in the Annual Show - sold it!
Second Prize - Painter of the month competition - Philip's favourite - can't sell!

I am not as yet sure what I can become involved with in the UK. Last year I entered the Patchings Art Competition, was accepted and sold my first painting. This year I have had them all rejected - I guess we have to live with failure too!

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