Monday, May 5, 2014

The Happiest Place on Earth

Well - it was time for our biennial trip to Disney. Philip loves the scary rides and I enjoy the horticulture  - well at least that's my excuse for being a wuz and staying at ground level! Philip did get to take some of the rides but rather annoyingly it was windy on our second day, so several rides were closed. Also the Grizzly River Run which I had convinced myself I was capable of experiencing, was still closed from last year! I did do the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - along with all the kids! On our first night there we enjoyed the World of Color, a spectacular (no other word!) display of water, colored lights, fire, music and projected images. Who needs fireworks!

As always and with everything Disney, the landscape was wonderful. Beautiful trees, shrubs and much detailed planting. Whoever manages the gardens at Disney locations is obviously a plant person, as I am always amazed at the range of beautifully grown plants.  This is a limited selection of pictures but if you are interested to see more, check out Micky Mouse Horticulture, March 2012.

Clivia miniata 'Aurea'

Crinum asiaticum var procera

Delphineum - that awful dwarf cultivar 'Guardian Lo' and despite being superbly grown, I still don't like it!

Digitalis 'Illumination' (I think?)

No idea at all - someone identify please? (Update - Spathodea campanulata - thanks Randall)

Erythrina - no idea of species - ideas?

Hemerocallis - simple but lovely and unusual at this high level

Good old Magnolia grandiflora - so rarely are the flowers low enough for a photo

Phlox drummondii - good colour blend of this old annual

Strelitzia nicolai - some of the best flowers I've seen on this species
Eriobotrya japonica  - the loquat - not in Disney but a garden near our hotel. It's hardy in the UK as a foliage shrub but I've never seen it fruit before..


  1. That dwarf Delphinium, looks more like Ajuga on steroids!

  2. Spathodea campanulata?

    P2P follower Randy (Randall) in Palm Springs here.

    1. Randy - thanks for this! Another plant person in Palm Springs - we must meet! Do contact me on my email if interested. Link at top of page.