Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bloom - Episode 2

The second week of judging and the weather stayed dry for all but Friday morning when we got wet!  Not bad for a British summer. Lots more driving up into Derbyshire and east to Lincolnshire - Wainright eat your heart out! Now recovering having driven 699 miles over the last two weeks,  shaken hundreds of hands, posed for the press on 12 occasions, given three radio interviews, eaten 12 buffet lunches and tried to smile on all occasions! It was a little like a roller coaster ride!  Once again a few more pictures of the highlights.

The town choir welcomes us at Belper

Buxton allotment

Baskets at Buxton

Well co-ordinated front garden in Buxton

Beautiful pub garden in Ilkeston

Barrier boxes in Ilkeston

Tiny back garden in Ilkeston
Well dressing in Belper

My namesake in Belper!
School garden Boston

Peace Garden in Buxton

Retirement Homes in Buxton

Gainsborough Old Hall

Herbaceous border in Ilkeston

The town crier announces us in Belper

Sculpture in Ilkeston
Memorial gardens in Boston

Boots at a Boston school - every child has them!

Boston West Academy

Tree sculpture in Buxton
Tussy Mussies made for us in Gainsborough

Wonderful annual meadow in Gainsborough

Baskets in Spalding

Colourful pub garden in Spalding
Once again , we've seen the good, bad and indifferent of British towns,  although I have to say there has been very little bad and a lot of good. Indifferent really doesn't feature, as all the towns we've visited have been full of  people passionate about their local community and environment. We've met some wonderful people, seen some great gardens and beautiful flowers and been amused on a number of occasions. Now these poor guys have to wait till September to find out what award we have given them!

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  1. Nice to see some of the offerings of Buxton, a town we so nearly moved in to...