Friday, July 4, 2014

Improving on nature!

Now I'm not a great fan of Tesco.  When I shop in the UK, I am shopping for one but Tesco's pricing policy is heavily loaded against pensioners and single people. And yes - I officially became an Old Age Pensioner as from last week. I'm talking of course about the multi-save deals. 'Get three for the price of two' and so on. Now whilst three packs of ham might be good for a family of four, I simply cannot eat three before at least one has gone bad. So I either waste food or I buy a single pack and pay the full price. A double looser! I guess the other big supermarkets have similar policies loaded against pensioners!

Anyway today's little rant is about the flower stand which caught my eye this morning. Initially I saw these decidedly hideous Sansevierias with multicoloured flock tips - of course nothing much more than rooted cuttings. And at £8! Who in their right mind would want such a hideous adornment in their house? I then walked around the stand and was horrified to see how many of their bunches of otherwise good quality flower had been tampered with in some ludicrous way. Dyed flowers never look right and certainly not natural. If you want blue flowers why not delphineums or scabious rather than blue chrysanthemums? And why on earth would anyone want flowers sprinkled with glitter. 

Not terribly clear but its glitter not dew!

Of course over the years gardeners and plant breeders have worked persistently to improve on nature and give us many wonderful garden plants but these offerings are hideous!

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  1. saw those the other day, how strange.
    Although the glitter caked red roses went down well with the wife!