Thursday, October 30, 2014

Walking the streets

I decided not to title this 'The joys of being a streetwalker', as I guessed some of you might misunderstand! But I've always enjoyed walking the streets,  gazing into people's gardens. I started this as a novice gardener in my teens and still do it. Over the years I have got to know the gardens in the various neighborhoods where I have lived and  always try and do it when visiting places on holiday. If I am organised, I take my camera with me but nowadays iPhone pictures are so good that I can virtually always capture an image of a plant or garden that grabs my attention. True to form, whilst in Fort Lauderdale last week I took a leisurely amble with my camera and was not disappointed. Once again, as well as plants I recognised, there were many that I can't put names to, so I hope my faithful reader and plantsman, Chad is following and will help me out once again!

Acalypha wilkesiana 'Macfeeana'

Acalypha wilkesiana forma circinata
Acalypha 'Bourbon Street'

Acalypha wilkesiana 'Kona Gold'

Another Acalypha - love the delicate red veins - cultivar? - update - Chad suggests 'Miltoniana'

Strelitzia nicolai - love this shape - correction -
Ravenala madagascariensis - Traveller's Tree - thanks Dave from dryheatblog
Another - so geometric
Large spreading tree - could it be Delonix regia - update - Chad agrees!

Schefflera I think - no idea of species - update - S. actinophylla - thanks Chad

Furcraea foetida 'Medio-picta' and Asparagus meyerii

No idea - vigorous climber - maybe a Thunbergia?- update - T. grandiflora
Another climber - update Allamanda cathartica - thanks Chad

Shrub - is it Jatropha integerrima? Chad agrees and just bought one for yard here - spelling corrected!
Tall shrub, distinct long spoon-shaped leaves - some similarity to Plumeria but slender stems - update from Chad - P. pudica
Fort Lauderdale is of course seaside with a long sandy beach. On our first evening, we were surprised to find that there were no street lights working on the coast road. We later discovered that turtles lay their eggs in the sand and these hatch at full moon. The light glinting off the sea summons the infant turtles in the right direction. In the past, many were killed as they became disorientated by the street lights - so seasonal blackout!

I hasten to add before finishing that we were resident in a very nice hotel, the Worthington, which had beautiful tropical gardens and some of these pictures were taken there. In particular I was impressed by the attention to detail in the gardens with epiphytic orchids that had been attached to the palms with plastic mesh.

New orchids establishing on palm trunks


  1. Nice walk on the exotic side there, and you're the second blogger to feature this fab looking hotel!

  2. Nice variety, the mini-jungles you show by the pool and espesially the walkway with the table / umbrella are stunning. All the forms and trunks are a feast for the eyes.

    I think the towering plant you noted as Strelitzia nicolai is actually a Traveler's Tree / Ravenala madagascariensis. But the same family as S. nicolai.

  3. Good Evening Ian,

    Sorry I’m late to this party!

    I think the red veined Acalypha wilkesiana is 'Miltoniana', but there are hundreds of cultivars and ‘Miltonia’ was used as an informal name for the species in many of its forms.

    I agree with Delonix regia.

    The Schefflera is S.actinophylla.

    The Thunbergia is grandiflora.

    Could ‘another climber’ be Allamanda cathartica? I’ve never grown it – so that is a bit of a guess.

    I sort of agree with the Jatropha; Jatropha integerrima.

    The tall shrub with the characteristic leaves is Plumeria pudica.

    Do you feel like you are a young gardener again? You are surrounded by a flora that is new to you, and you travel a bit and it is all different again!


  4. Once again - thanks Chad for your valuable contribution. Not only do I get my blog corrected but my pictures correctly labelled! And yes - I do sometimes feel at least like a novice gardener (maybe not young!) with so many new plants. I am getting to know the Californian flora but its taking a while!

  5. I sort of agree with the Jatropha; Jatropha integerrima.

    Note the spelling!


  6. Thanks Chad - really must ready your comments with my eyes open!

  7. I too enjoy roaming the streets, although more likely on bicycle here in sprawling Palm Springs. Fairly new to desert gardening I like to check out the local landscapes for those plants growing and thriving unmindful of what the literature would have them believe, such as the the nice Delonix Regia specimen in El Rancho Vista Estates.