Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winter Colour on a Rainy Day

Here we are a couple of weeks before Christmas and many folks are busy buying Christmas trees and poinsettias.  A week or so ago we had rain and again yesterday - maybe not so notable back in the UK but headline news here in California where we are still in serious drought. Last week it rained solidly for a whole day, brought torrents of water flooding down off the mountains, together with mud which blocked the nearby roads for days but left the gardens looking sparkly fresh! 

It has been lovely weather for much of the autumn with higher than average temperatures, so my garden here has been thriving. Most of it was planted just back in January of this year but already its giving us so much pleasure and attracting humming birds and butterflies. Annoyingly butterflies lead to caterpillars and the petunias have been eaten to shreds by fussy little purple caterpillars that eat just the soft tissue between the veins of the flowers. A roadrunner (bird) has also joined the home menagerie and I think is feeding on the little lizards which seem to have almost almost disappeared. The following pictures, taken just a few days ago will give you a taste of what we are still enjoying.

Petunias for winter colour - always seems odd planting them in October! You can just see the beginnings of the caterpillar damage, lower left corner.

One of my original bougainvilleas brought from our last home - lost its name!

Podranea ricasoliana - our plant in the last garden just roared away but this one is slow

Tagetes lemmonii - see last blog

Tecoma stans - one of my favourites - so far only 4ft but it will make 12ft

Another transplanted Bougainvillea - probably Orange Ice

Jatropha interrima- recently planted but settling in well

Russelia equisetiformis - Fire cracker plant

Cestrum aurantiacum - doing nicely

Madagascar periwinkles left over from the summer but still flowering like crazy and seeding freely

Euphorbia milii - probably a cultivar

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  1. Excellent to have had that rain...missed my area but went through my former town 260 miles N. Your low desert fall just keeps going, with color I haven't seen in over a month...or at all. Tagetes lemmonii - I must start specifying this in designs!