Tuesday, February 3, 2015

'Durban' makes a come-back

Went to a local nursery yesterday and bought some plants for my planned desert bed here. To my delight I also found a very healthy plant of Canna 'Durban' (syn 'Phasion') Some of you plantaholics may know that I used to have the National Collection of Canna before virus wiped them out. Back in 1994 a friend visiting South Africa sent me back a small piece of this canna. This was when I was running my own nursery in Cornwall. It was an exciting new cultivar and in its second season with me I managed to make 30 dvisions which i sold at £15 a plant but I didn't have the capital to really promote it. 

Subsequently it was renamed 'Tropicanna' by a nurseryman called Tesselaar, propagated and has since been sold in vast quantities in bright orange pots. His patent was however overturned under European law as it was proved that it was already in cultivation here before he patented it.  One up to the small nurseryman who can propagate without paying a royalty. I was doubly pleased as the plant I found is virus free and most commercial stocks are now infected. I told yesterday's nursery person the story and she gave me the plant free!

Apologies to any of you who also read my Facebook as this is a duplicate posting! Busy week hanging the new show at the local gallery!

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  1. Interesting anecdote and pleased to hear you got hold of a virus free one. Good luck with the show!