Monday, February 16, 2015

Name dropping again

Apologies for tardiness in recent posting but I've been very busy with the art stuff and guess most of you  plants and garden people are less interested in flowers on paper, rather than the real thing. If you want to know what I have been doing check my Facebook link.

Anyway, the other day Philip and I were on our way to an art exhibition - yes here we go again! But we passed a new landscape scheme which was nicely planted  alongside the boundary of a new development - all good desert plants. What really caught my eye was the professional labeling of the key plants used - just like a botanical garden Each plant had a common name, a botanical name, a Spanish name and the Cahuilla name. The Cahuilla tribe are the local native Americans who own much of the land around this area and there are many Spanish speaking South Americans here. In addition there was some text about each plant and its use.

Brittle bush is a Californian native and stays alive throughout the harsh dry summers here. At this time of the year it grows some new silvery leaves and sports a crown of yellow daisy flowers.  The foliage is fragrant and it has medicinal uses. What a great idea - interest and education!

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