Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another yard

Last year my friend Mike asked me to redesign his back yard as a desert garden and I duly completed a plan. Like myself, he is a winter resident, so went back to his other home in Gettysburg last summer where he grows dahlias. This winter he returned, and with his partner Neil and some local contractors, has finally completed the new landscape. What a transformation it is! Apologies for the poor photos - it was dusk when I arrived!

The inevitable 'before' photo with water thirsty grass!
The paving around the pool has been extended to incorporate an extra area that gets afternoon sunshine - so important for the winter. The whole paved area has been resurfaced, so it links perfectly with the old. The grass has gone and in its place are the geometric shapes I designed, filled with three colours of gravel. This has been divided into areas with the desert sub-tropicals such as a Bougainvillea, Tecoma, Callistemon and so on and areas with real low water plants, cacti and succulents with some lovely 'spikies'. The plants supplied by Mollers are great, although some annoyingly silly substitutions have been made like Callistemon 'Little John' which is a dwarf instead of the substantial shrubby version C. citrinus. I have told Mike that he can tell the nursery that the designer had a 'hissy fit' and rejected these plants!

Existing citrus trees retained

The Callistemon is so small you can't see it!

The boundary bougainvilleas were there and give some maturity

View from the bedroom
Mike and Neil have also installed lighting, so the yard sparkles at night too. They kindly invited me to share dinner, so that I could also see the yard after dark, as well as in daylight. It really is a transformation. A new window from their bedroom gives a view directly out into the yard, so it gives them pleasure from morning to night! Apart from my own yard, this is the first desert landscape I have designed, so it was great to see the end result.

As well as being a keen gardener, Mike is also an art lover and has many beautiful pieces of art in his house, including four of my paintings - he's got good taste! Thanks Mike.

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  1. Very nice with the architectural planting and two tone gravel!