Thursday, March 26, 2015

Just plants!

As promised, some of the plants we saw at the San Diego Botanic garden and there was a huge range. These are ones I could identify or that were nicely labelled.

Agave americana 'Variegata' - common but I loved these big specimens with their curly leaves

Dombeya burgessiae - tree from Tanzania

Dracaena draco - Canary Island dragon tree

Erythrina speciosa - I think - the whole tree in full bloom is spectacular but impossible to capture with a camera

Erythrina variegata 'Alba' - I think?

Salvia africana-lutea - lovely grey leaved shrub with these pretty cinnamon coloured flowers. I used to grow this as a tender perennial in small pots back in the UK

Solandra maxima 'Variegata' - bit of a plant monster as the flowers are huge!

Strelitzia 'Mandela's gold' - a little paler than the normal orange species and well spotted by Philip!

Thunbergia gregorii - I think - found in the children's garden amongst the A-Z of plants under O for Orange!
Banksia solandria - (the flower is huge 9-12in) discovered in Australia by Daniel Solander who traveled with Joseph Banks on the Endeavour captained by James Cook in 1768 to 1770.

And now a few that caught my eye but weren't labeled or I couldn't identify. Chad - anything to add?

Another Agave but which species?

Anigozanthos probably a cultivar

This and the next look like species cannas which are a nomenclature nightmare. Both in full bloom but amazingly short.

Another Erythrina

Furcraea probably foetida 'Mediopicta'

No idea - growing is a wet ravine above a stream - couldn't get close but it had the appearance of orchid foliage

Single plant in a woodland area - looks like the old pot plant Cineraria

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  1. You've got most of them already Ian

    I've no idea about Agave species.

    The last one is a Pericallis. In a forgiving climate they interbreed and start new local strains; the same has happened on Tresco, so trying to pin it down to a species won't work.