Sunday, May 17, 2015

Getty again - and the garden!

Just made another trip to the Getty Center in Los Angeles.  The main reason was to see the Turner exhibition which was showing over 60 paintings from the Tate Britain, both oils and watercolors. Those of you that have seen the recent Mr Turner film will recall that he left most of his later paintings to the nation. I was also surprised to read of the practice of 'Varnishing Days' when key painters added the last touches to their paintings after hanging in the Royal Academy. I had thought this was a film-maker's whim but it was real and a practice that Turner took full advantage of, completeing his most dramatic pieces at the last minute in front of his peers! Just a couple of internet pics of the exhibition, as photography wasn't allowed. 

We then went on to see the Garden at the Getty, which is always wonderful. It was sad to see all the water features switched off and empty but entirely appropriate in the current drought. One wonders how long it will be before we can enjoy them again.  I have written about the garden before but it is lovely to see at any season. (Last year's visit) Its very horticultural and with its carefully planned color combinations, seems to my eye to be very much in the British style of planting, such as you would find at Wisley, Sissinghurst or Hidcote.

Inevitably many plants that I knew and some I couldn't identify at all. Its good to see unusual plants used amongst the familiar. Shrubs, trees, climbers, herbaceous, annuals, bulbs - they are all represented and beautifully grown.

Canna - probably 'Durban' (syn 'Tropicanna', 'Phasion') or could be the dwarf 'Pink Sunburst'

 Digitalis - one of the 'Illumination' series

Climber - name? (Update - Bauhinia corymbosa - thanks Max)

Curious - like an Achillea but shrubby? (Update - Athanasia acerosa - thanks Max)

Thunbergia battiscombei (Thanks max for the ID)

Echevaria agavoides - thanks for the name Mark and Gaz

Grevillea - species? (Update  - 'Peaches and Cream')

Just love these simple container mixes, prostrate rosemary, white alyssum and Erigeron karataviense

White Viscaria
Kangaroo paw - Anigozanthos 'Bush Gold' ?

Clivia miniata

Ordinary petunias but loved the deep red colour
A restio - Elegia tectorum?
The architecture is beautiful with lovely stonework including these panels with great leaf fossils.


  1. Even without the water features it looks good! The sempervivum? is Echeveria agavoides and a nice one too with intense markings.

    1. Thanks guys - I think I'm losing it - didn't even get the genus!

  2. I need to make a trip down south sometime. The Getty Garden looks spectacular.
    The vine looks like Bauhinia corymbosa. The yellow flowers is an Athanasia sp. The blue I think is a Thubergia. And the Grevillea is 'Peaches and Cream' I think.

    1. Max - many thanks for the identifications. I'll correct the captions.

  3. I think the 'White Viscaria' is Agrostemma githago 'Ocean Pearl'.

    I love the look of the Athanasia acerosa, but think it too has had a name change to Phymaspermum acerosum. It isn't listed under either name in the electronic RHS plantfinder for UK availability though.


  4. I'm slowly seeing more parts of their outdoor soaces, though to me the whole property was a series of gardens, all so well articulated. I'll look on my map where this one is...very soft. The broad, bowl container plantings are bold yet restful change into yet another space, it looks.