Monday, June 8, 2015

After the desert, the rest!

Currently on vacation in Maine which you'll hear about in due course, so a catch up from a couple of weeks ago!

I promised you a few more pictures of the Huntington Gardens. I have to say we spent a long morning in the wonderful desert garden and although the rest is lovely, it is no where near as spectacular! The Shakespeare garden is a sort of general flower garden with a mix of lots of different plants - not sure how closely linked to The Bard, some species are but they are well grown and nicely displayed.

Great delphineums but why not cut the canes short below the flower heads

Duranta 'Gold Edge' - just planted a young one in the back yard!

Hydrangea quercifolia - great fall colour later

Melianthus major

Romneya coulteri

After that we went on to the sub-tropical garden ,the jungle garden and briefly through the palm garden en route to the lily ponds. 

Calodendron capense - Cape chestnut from South Africa

Clivia nobilis? - apologies poor focus

Cupressus cashmeriana - not hardy in the UK

Hibiscus hybrid

Name anyone? - Ruttya fruticosa - thanks Chad

Crown of a mature palm tree with a kink in the stem bringing it down to eye level

Last time we had missed the children's, garden as it was closed due to rain. Don't ask me the logic of this but the custodian was adamant and turned away one very disappointed family! We rather dashed through the Australian garden and must do this in more detail another time. The children's garden is great fun with many features such as pergolas at children's' height - no adults allowed! Very few pictures - people tend to be fussy taking photos around kids but its a fun garden.  We loitered on the way out admiring unusual plants in containers that line the main walkways past the new buildings - lots of detail as well as gardens on a grand scale. 

Everywhere we became aware of cycads - there seems to be some sort of a project, dividing, replanting and sorting cycads - and Jim fell in love with one that proved to be a very expensive 'want' - another story!

Can you see the lizard hiding in the crown?

In parts of the garden there was frenzied activity - preparing, we discovered for a wedding linked to a wealthy sponsor. Everywhere lots of extra red and white roses - all very Alice in Wonderland!

Come closer and I'll have to shoot you' the docent said!
Would that they actually flowered like that - all tied on!

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  1. 'Name anyone?' is Ruttya fruticosa

    'Polianthes - yes spelling correct not polyanthus!' OK with the spelling, but that isn't the right picture for it! Polianthes is a Mexican bulb with iris like leaves. Your picture looks like a pink flowering Apocynaceae. A relative of Jasmine or Kopsia?