Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chicago - city of towers and flowers

Just back from my trip to the east coast. I guess I have enough experiences to write for weeks but I'll limit myself to three postings on this holiday; Boston, Ogunquat and Chicago, where I'll start. I've never been before but found it a beautiful and fascinating city. I was traveling with my friend Jim, as my  husband Philip was busy working and views visiting friends in the same light as a trip to the dentist! In Chicago we were staying with another friend called Jim, who lives on the 75th floor of the John Hancock Tower - the views the first day were staggering but on the second day marred by thick white fog. Pity as we'd intended to go up to the roof or maybe a relief as I don't like heights!

We walked the city down to the Art Institute of Chicago, along streets lined with numerous beds of recently planted summer bedding - beautiful plants in great variety and all arranged like tiny Chelsea gardens. Opposite the art museum we found a broad sweep of perennials and grasses, just starting to flower. I later found that this was the Lurie Garden, a section of Millennium Park and in part designed by the Dutch designer Piet Oudolf. Everywhere containers of plants punctuated the sidewalks or enclosed cafe seating. Chicago Jim has promised to take me pictures later in the season, so we'll see how it all develops.

Pussy willow stems for height - nice idea.

Little traditional cloister garden - very English looking!

Lurie Gardens

An inspired touch of red!

Landscape and art linked hands in many areas, where large pieces of sculpture nested into the landscape. I was particularly interested to see 'The Bean' a large mirrored sculpture by Anish Kapoor. If there are any readers from Nottingham in the UK, you will probably know that there is a small mirrored sculpture by the same artist outside the Playhouse Theatre.

An outdoor theater - sculptural arhitecture

The Bean
Distorted reflections- Jim, Jim and me behind the iPhone!

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