Friday, July 17, 2015

Back to Blighty

Well I'm  back in the UK once again but only for a short while this summer. This is the first year I have had a Green Card and so able to stay in the USA for as long as I wanted. Palm Springs is now very hot with daytime temperatures well over 40C (104F). Although many complain about this, I would prefer the heat to the chill and clouds of the UK although I must admit I love the green lush landscape here. Arriving back last week, I got out of the taxi at my house to find my two good friends Geoff and Jose tidying my front garden. What a wonderful welcome and the garden looked spectacular. 

Coming indoors, I was delighted to find that my lodger Michael had taken equal care of my home. A week after arriving and I'm finding it difficult to know what to do - no weeding and no cleaning needed (unlike past years and previous lodgers!) I'm just here till early August when Philip returns for a brief deja vu experience before we return to the USA via London, Southampton and the Queen Mary 2! In the meantime do enjoy some pics of my little UK garden. By the way - check out my August 2012 post to see the story of the Gymnocladus and also see earlier pics of the garden.

Tetrapanax doing well again this year

Astrantia probably 'Sunningdale Variegated'

Impatiens omeana seems happy

Gymnocladus dioica Variegata - so slow growing

Fatsia 'Annelise' - bit slow but looks OK

Schizophragma 'Moonlight' - wish it would climb UP over the brickwork not across the glass!

Acanthus 'Hollard's Gold' doing well but not very gold

Schefflera getting burnt again - too much sun - what in the UK?

The shady border and Fatsia 'Spiders Web' looking good

Aralia elata Variegata - the most expensive plant I have ever bought!

The steep bank finally looking colonised and colourful


  1. Wow! I wish my garden looked that lovely upon return. Even being away for a week I come back to craziness.

  2. Thanks for the tour of your own garden spaces...stunning, lush!