Thursday, July 23, 2015

So very English

Garden visiting on a Sunday afternoon is so very English. I'm not aware that there is anything like the National Garden scheme with its iconic Yellow Book in any other country, although maybe someone will put me right if there is.  So last Sunday I went to visit a beautiful garden near to Nottingham. My TomTom satnav led me through some tiny lanes with high hedges that reminded me of Cornwall but despite my apprehension, did lead me to the right location. Signs directed me to a nearby field where I navigated the ruts and cowpats to park. At least it was dry! Having duly paid my £3.50 and visited the plant sales table,  I was free to explore. It was  a beautiful 3 acre garden and meticulously maintained by the two owners. Lots of colour and many different plants. I'll let the pictures speak for the garden. 

My only criticism was that it was all very similar. None of the borders had any colour schemes or themes. In a garden of this size it would have created greater variety to have given each border or area an identity of its own. Having said that, as well as lots of colourful borders, there was a woodland garden, a couple of pools, wildflower meadow and a rock garden. Inevitably I also took lots of pictures as inspiration for paintings too. 

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