Friday, August 21, 2015

Honeymoon on board the Queen Mary 2

Well after getting married in 2006, Philip and I just celebrated with a transatlantic cruise.   Actually Philip and I became civil partners in January 2006 but just a couple of weeks ago returned to the Council House in Nottingham to have our Civil Partnership converted to status of marriage for the princely sum £4 and amazingly it is backdated to 2006. We also got married in August 2012 and this was in New York after our first trip on the QM2 - confused - not surprising! But it's all been important in achieving my Green Card status which enables me to now stay in the USA as long as I want. (Maybe longer than Philip would like!)

Rare picture of us in suits with ties - strict dress code on the QM2 for dinner!

Little Ted - our naked traveling companion - actually my childhood teddy and yes I am sentimental! Sadly Philip's Ted is now too frail and cannot travel so he stayed in Palm Springs!

I struggle to say much horticultural about eight days afloat on the Atlantic. There were a few indoor plants, but the deck landscaping, such as it was, comprised a few plastic box bushes. Amazingly there were beautiful cut flowers in various locations; alstroemeria on the tables in our dining room but orchids for the posh folks in the first class area! It was a wonderful trip with plenty to do and lots to eat but I did visit the gym most days. I also spent time nearly every day painting. Highlight of the trip was probably four wonderful, beautifully illustrated talks on musical theater. One sad day a member of staff was lost overboard which entailed retracing our route for three hours and a grid search. Sadly he was not found. The same day there was also a fire during dinner, fortunately extinguished without us having to miss dessert!

I think the florist had an attack of poor taste the day he did these!

Britannia Dining Room where we had dinner each night - amazing to think this is aboard a ship!

Although the cooking demonstration was cancelled, we did get to see three talented chefs making carvings of fruit and vegetables which then graced the buffets for the next couple of days.  Does this count as horticulture? 

The rose is real but the rest are carved vegetables.

Amazing what can be done with a watermelon!

All told a delightful eight days celebrating our marriage - well actually we've now been together for nineteen years! So a good excuse for a margarita or three! And people say gay relationships don't last! More proper horticulture next time with a visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


  1. Congratulations!! And celebrating in style too :)

  2. Congratulations, looks like an awesome honeymoon!