Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brooklyn Botanics

Whilst in New York recently, I made a visit to Brooklyn Botanic Garden, one of two good botanic gardens in the city of New York. A short trip on the subway and I arrived at one of the most derelict and disgusting subway stations ever, only enlivened by the seedling Davidia in the unused line one side of the plaform - what a weed!  Actually being generous, I have to say someone had enlivened the exterior of the station with a great mural.

I crossed the road and entered the garden through a new entrance. Two people behind the ticket desk and a security guard six feet further in to check the tickets - must be expecting a huge crowd of unruly visitors,  I thought. And this was a new secondary entrance, not the main one. And so I explored the garden and what a mixed experience it was, distinctly disappointing from my last visit. On the positive side, there was development. A new Discovery Garden - very obviously targeted at children - OK good idea but of limited interest to me. There was also a huge area being fenced off for a new water conservation garden, obviously due for construction. Good forward thinking!

But the rest of the garden looked tired, neglected and generally run-down. This was early August and yet the garden looked autumnal. Flowers had faded, weeds were evident everywhere and there were very few gardeners on duty. Such a pity to spend so much on development that the routine maintenance of the garden declines. 

Palm House - empty - used for events only

A typical border in the rose garden

A garden feature?
Anyway - a few pics of things that caught my eye, in particular a good exotic border which in fact was a monocot demonstration.

After a brief visit I started to make my way out planning to stop at the new restroom by the new entrance - you guessed - it was closed, so I had to walk back to the center of the garden for the nearest facility! Maybe next time I'll visit the New York Botanic Garden.


  1. That looked to be a bit of a disappointment Ian! Any idea what that Canna with the dark leaves and pale pink flowers is/was, please? I don't recognise it. Thanks, Clive Parker.

  2. Sorry Clive - no idea - good vigorous plant!

  3. Hi again Ian - I've been having a think about this one, and after some brain racking, I've come to the conclusion that it may well be 'Blueberry Sparkler' from Brian Williams at Brian's Botanicals. Cheers, Clive.