Thursday, January 28, 2016


Apologies for the long silence but I just haven't had anything much new to say! I've been writing this blog since January 2012 and the anniversary has slipped by without mention. Over the four years I have written about plants and gardens back in the UK and here in California, where I now live for most of the year. Its currently winter and we are still in drought, the result of which is that many gardens look a little tired and drab. I don't feel there is anywhere as much color in gardens as in past years, although we have had very little cold weather and only one light frost. My own yard is almost devoid of color which brings me to the subject of this piece.

Eremophila 'Valentine'- internet pic - mine failed!

Last year I planted two Eremophilas - small shrubby plants from Australia. They are members of Scrophulariaceae, which includes such diverse plants as snapdragon and foxglove. E. 'Valentine' had pretty magenta flowers but failed to thrive and died.  By contrast E. glabra subsp carnosa grew like crazy making a sprawling flowerless green bush. I had made a mental note to dig it out before spring and replace with something more interesting. However there may be a reprieve, as it's the only plant in flower in my garden at this time. It's got a good smattering of red flowers but they don't really show against the dark green foliage unless the low winter sun catches them, so it still may go! At least a stay of execution for a few weeks!

Eremophila glabra subsp carnosa

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