Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another surprise

A couple of weeks ago I spoke of the last minute reprieve for my Eremophila that suddenly decided to flower profusely. Well I've just had another surprise! Last year I planted a Texas Mountain laurel - it used to be Sophora secundiflora although I think it is now correctly Dermatophyllum secundiflora - same plant - new name! I had seen these adorning a local car park a few years back and finally found a plant at a good price last year. 

Surprise flower in my yard

Since planting over a year ago, it  seemed to do nothing. It has remained green and if it made any growth it was so insignificant as to remain unnoticed. As it was in a central place in my yard I had decided to move it this spring and replace with a Bismark palm.  However, the other day my eye caught a splash of blue and to my astonishment, it has produced three beautiful trusses of vivid cobalt blue flowers, not unlike short wisteria blooms. It is reprieved! I just hope that it is not attacked by genista caterpillars which are notorious for decimating it!
Mature tree in Target Car Park - what I can look forward to!

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