Saturday, March 19, 2016

San Diego Botanics revisited

I've just revisited San Diego Botanic garden and when I check last year's blog I find that  it is almost exactly a year since I last visited - anyway similar plants were in bloom! If you want to also read the first entry  click  here. These gardens are lovely; big enough to enjoy but not extensive and covering a huge ranges of styles and habitats from desert to rainforest, Mediterranean to African and Australian. Whilst adequately maintained they are also natural and not over 'primped', giving a charming sort of rogueish style. One little seating area we found, looked out over the garden beneath. At some point pots had been arranged around it but some had got knocked over and the plants were spilling out. My inclination was to tidy it but somehow it had its own rough charm as it was.

Inevitably it was the many plants that captured my attention not only for their horticultural value but also for their potential as future paintings! Just a few random shots to wet your appetite! If you do visit, be aware that there is no cafe and only the most rudimentary selection of refreshments. Take a packed lunch or plan your trip between meals!

Erythrina speciosa

Euphorbia ingens

Aloe - species ?

Clivia miniata
Clivia miniata Aurea
Clivia nobilis

Bauhinia purpurea?

Solandra maxima

Ferocactus glaucescens