Monday, April 25, 2016

Cacti conversion!

After almost ignoring cacti and succulents for all my years of growing plants and gardens - over 50 dare I say -  I think I have finally been converted! A visit to the Huntington gardens this last weekend finally persuaded me that these are beautiful and fascinating plants!  I have been here several times and written about the desert garden on a couple of occasions but this time, it was just spectacular! So many beautiful cacti in bloom! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Echinopsis 'April Dawn'

Dyckia in flower

Echinopsis claviceps ritteri

Aloe camperi

Echinopsis 'Flying Saucers'

Echinopsis 'Red Rocket'
Sorry - missd the name of this one!

Echinopsis 'Spring Blush'
Hesperaloe 'Brakelights'

Notocactus claviceps

Aeonium arboreum - maybe 'Cyclops'  in flower

Puya berteroniana

Puya chilensis
X Echinobivia 'Peach Monarch'
Dolicothele longimamma
There were other parts of the garden looking splendid but we didn't get much time to see them. We were anxious to leave and avoid the Friday afternoon exodus from Los Angeles - didn't make it - return journey took three hours! Few pictures next time!

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  1. Okay note to self: visit the Huntington in April...WOW! I've been many other times of the year and loved it - but I've never seen it like this!