Sunday, April 10, 2016

Gardens Tour 2016

Last Sunday I parted with $15 for the Desert Horticultural Society's 11th Annual Desert Garden Tour. Credit must go to those garden owners, who allowed visitors to wander round their private gardens and examine their horticultural enterprise in detail. However can the DHS really only rustle up seven properties worth visiting in Palm Springs, once a year? Two of these were tiny patio gardens and two front gardens?  When I compare with the National Garden Scheme in the UK which has hundreds of gardens open each weekend in spring and summer, this is really rather underwhelming

The first location we visited was a commercial landscape around  a Community Project. We decided not to stop and as we were checking for the next location, Jim's car was side-swiped by another visitor who reversed into us without looking in his rear-view mirror - not a good start to the afternoon.  The next garden was newly completed and beautifully designed but just a front garden with a tiny enclosed patio.

The second garden that caught our attention had maturity and was obviously well cared for over some years.  Annoyingly the driver who had hit us had also arrived at this garden and pursued us apologising!

Now that's about it! However, whilst parking, I did spy a beautiful cactus in  a roadside garden that I believe to be Opuntia aciculata. I feel a painting coming on!

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  1. Very cool.. Thanks for sharing. I wonder, they say echinopsis or trichocerius shouldn't be watered in the winter at all since it would rot but seems like some people are able to put them outdoors growing in the rains.