Sunday, June 19, 2016

Huntington again!

Another trip to the Huntington with nothing particular in mind except to see these beautiful gardens at another season. Visiting here really warms my soul, reminding me of the many years I spent in horticulture. Whilst I don't regret moving to Palm Springs, I do sometimes miss temperate horticulture and visiting gardens such as these, gives me a wonderful horticultural high! We went through the desert garden first and although there was interest as always, it wasn't as colorful as the last visit. The flowering Agaves are amazing - spikes towering to 20ft or more! Temperatures soared to 95F, so we went for fluid intake and an early lunch!

Echinocereus viereckii

Fouquieria diguetii

Notocactus warasii

Euphorbia millii cultivar

The afternoon didn't feel quite so searingly hot as we wandered through the shady woodland areas, Japanese and Chinese gardens, jungle and past the lily ponds. A lovely day in a beautiful garden, filled with fascinating plants!

The California garden
Anthocleista grandiflora

Rosa Ballerina

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