Sunday, July 10, 2016

Desert Showtime

My conversion to desert gardening; cacti and succulents has been slow but I'm getting there! A week or so back, I went with Jim to the Cacti and Succulent Society Show that was being held at the Huntington Gardens. We really went for the sale but the show was good to look at and I was thrilled to get a young plant of one of the prize-winning cacti that I had admired.  The show was in two large rooms and was divided into numerous classes for individual genera  and even in some cases for variations on a genus.

When I used to judge at Chelsea and the other big UK flower shows, I used to be a bit critical of cactus growers who brought back the same old plants to each show and repeatedly won Gold medals. I think I now have a little more respect for their skill, not only as growers but for transporting such unfriendly plants without damage! Apologies that all the pictures don't have captions, I was rather remiss in getting the names of some!

I should know this but I've forgotten!

Just love these dark Echevarias but too hot in the desert for them!

Echeveria 'Barbillion' (I think!)

Conophyttum lithopsoides

Dyckia 'Tina Wallace'
Mamillaria geminispina?

Euphorbia pugniformis

Haworthia cymbiformis

Ledebouria sociates Variegata

After enjoying the show benches, we did shop and buy just a few new plants! I just love the chunky little Sansevieria pinguicula in the next  picture -  looks just like an agave, complete with vicious spines! Probably the most aggressive mother in law's tongue imaginable. Lots more for sale but we were both very restrained in our purchases.

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