Saturday, November 19, 2016

In the Pink

It's mid November. No doubt back in the UK it's a bit chilly and probably grey and dull.  I don't miss the UK weather at all! Here  it was cool enough last night to need a quilt on the bed and this morning we used the heating for the first time this winter but now, mid morning, the sun is shining and  it's about 75F. I've no complaints!  And out in my yard there is quite a bit of color. In particular one  furry little cactus is blooming its socks off! Mammilaria rhodantha ssp McCartenii has produced dozens of tiny cerise pink flowers with a host of buds waiting their turn. What a star for a winter bloomer!

And an update for those of you that read the last blog about my Monarch caterpillars. Suddenly they all disappeared. I have no idea whether a hungry bird gobbled them up or whether they've entered the next stage of the their life cycle. Wikipedia tells me that they will travel 10-15ft to find the perfect spot to pupate. Well I've searched but can't find them. Maybe one day we will see beautiful hatching butterflies or maybe we'll have to wait until more eggs are laid!

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