Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is it art?

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to visit LACMA - which stands for Las Angeles County Museum of Art. Now being totally honest, I have to admit that I struggle with modern art, almost completely failing to understand or appreciate it. At times my comments descend to a critical dismissal but who am I to reject works worth thousands! Anyway it was a curious day. The first exhibition was a comparative display of the works of Picasso and Rivera, the latter, an artist I'd not heard about previously - see my ignorance! They were friends, although they didn't work together closely. It was fascinating to see how their artistic development grew, sometimes mirroring the other in style and at other times forging ahead in different ways. 

Coming out of the exhibition in the wintry sunshine we were taken by the landscape, a striking arrangement of palms and other  plants with strong forms. Contrasted with the bright red of the building, it was quite spectacular. We later discovered it had been designed by the artist Robert Irwin and  landscape architect Paul Comstock. Irwin  is also known for his Garden at the Getty, another of my favorites that I have previously visited and enthused about.  (Read about it here)  

The landscape is actually called The Primal Palm Garden and contains over 100 palms, cycads and tree ferns. The significance of ancient plants links the garden with the nearby Tar Pits and the ice Age discoveries. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

A few of my favourite things!

Over the recent summer I've tried to paint a variety of subjects with varying success but the heap of reject paintings is bigger than the folder of finished saleable pictures! Its been a good learning experience but I've come back to painting what I love - garden plants and in particular exotics! I guess when anyone is passionate about something, it is bound to affect they way they paint and I feel  far more satisfied with a few recent exotic plant paintings. Cannas, Ricinus, bananas, Colocassia and other dramatic foliage is very much my style of planting! Pity but many of them won't grow here in Palm Springs - too hot in contrast to the struggles with cold I used to have in the UK!

A bigger range of my paintings is viewable on the watercolour page, complete with sizes and prices. For any local readers, a selection of my work is on view in the gallery at the Desert Art Center.