Saturday, June 24, 2017

Quick trip to Provence?

It constantly amazes me that just a short drive from Palm Springs and we are in a different climate and landscape. Gone is the barren, dusty desert and craggy mountains and instead we have trees, lush fields and temperate gardens. Last Saturday Jim and I went out to Cherry Valley, just 35 minutes from Palm Springs. The purpose was to see an exhibition of David Fairrington's portraits which were lovely. The main road in to town was lined with the most wonderful avenue of deodar, cedars which sadly I didn't photograph. Just imagine mile after mile of majestic cedars!

After enjoying the gallery, we went in search of lunch and ended up in the local Lavender Festival. It was like being transported to Provence with sweeping fields of blue, groves of olive trees all under the hot midday sun. Pieces of ancient farm equipment littered the landscape gracefully rusting away and a horse drawn cart trundled visitors around the farm. The event was inevitably commercial and there were sales of everything lavender. I did avoid the burgers with lavender mayonnaise! Otherwise a lovely day. 


Persimmons I think

The thousand year oak. Me thinks it needs some tree surgery if its to live much longer!

Wild curcubit - the stinking melon I think.

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  1. Olives and that oak? Sign me up. The way we can change scenery fast is a blessing, though you can change more than down here.

    The lavenders look happy, so does the Cucurbita foetedissima...yuck.