Monday, July 31, 2017

UK reminiscences - University of Nottingham - my big garden!

A month ago I posted about my little garden on my arrival in the UK. The four since then there were a whirlwind, visiting friends, catching up with family and several trips to gardens and art galleries. I'm now back sweltering in the Californian heat! In the next few posts I'll tell you about the University of Nottingham gardens where I used to work, Great Dixter, Sissinghurst and the Tatton Park Flower Show! Keep reading! A week after I arrived I was delighted to find that the Friends of University Park were scheduling a 'Picnic in the Park'. This was an event I started some 12 or more years ago.  The public were invited into the gardens, we had the Newstead Band playing, an artist painting and activities for kids. I was delighted to find the event still running and popular as ever. It was great to see crowds of people enjoying the gardens I had created back in 2000 and once again hear the band playing! 

When we first ran this event local residents visited and the most frequent comment was 'We didn't know we were allowed in here and didn't think there was anything to see but its wonderful!' Such an encouraging comment. And the Millennium garden was still looking spectacular. 

I did also wander around the grounds for an hour or so and was delighted to see how well maintained it still is and how shrubs have developed and trees grown! My favorite place, the Walled Garden looked fantastic. The rock garden is looking a bit overgrown - hope it doesn't disappear back into the jungle it was when I discover it 15 years ago.  Sad to see the prairie garden has been cleared - I guess a new building is due.  Bedding at the north entrance looks great - pleased that this tradition has been continued. Sorry - no pic of this.

The Botanic Garden

Hugh Stewart Hall of residence

The rock garden

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  1. The spiral hedge and Hugh Stewart hall get my attention, among all the other great spaces in this large series of spaces. Well done!

    California heat, esp Palm Springs, makes me feel good with our 95-98F winpy heat-up the next week.